IGAKU Indonesia & OCBC NISP Joint Promotion


IGAKU Indonesia is happy to announce our joint promotion with OCBC NISP for our DNA testing service. All OCBC NISP credit and debit card holders are eligible for a 20% discount on IGAKU DNA testing products from now until 12th January 2024.

In late 2022, IGAKU Unveiled its genetic testing service for Indonesia. We provide testing for pharmacogenomics, disease risk assessment and general health outlook. All IGAKU DNA testing is carried out in CLIA and CAP certified laboratories.

Genetic testing is usually done to screen for or confirm that you have genes that increase the risk for a certain disease or to learn more about how your body interacts with different medications based on your genes. It can be done on newborns, children, or adults. Some parents choose to be tested before or during pregnancy to see whether they are carriers of a certain disease, such as hemophilia.

Your genes can also tell you whether you’re at risk of inheriting a disease, such as breast cancer, cystic fibrosis or Huntington disease. They may also help your healthcare provider figure out the best medicines to treat your condition based on your own genetic make up.

A genetic test can find out whether you have damaged, missing, or overactive genes that can cause certain diseases. This test checks your blood or other fluids to look at the pattern (sequence) of the DNA that makes up your genes.

At IGAKU, you will be able to have your results interpreted by a professional genetic counselor so that you can work out a long term prevention or care plan personalized for you. IGAKU Indonesia & OCBC NISP are excited to offer this promotion together.

If you’re an OCBC NISP card holder or are interested in our genetic testing services, click here to browse our selection of DNA products

Click here for OCBC NISP’s information page for the promotion

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