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Unlock the secrets in your DNA. What your genes can tell you about your disease risk, medication effectiveness and more.

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Family Planning

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Your samples will be processed at labs in the USA and Singapore with top genetic counsellors to advise you.


Our labs are CLIA and CAP accredited so you know your samples are being processed with the best quality.


Your personal data belongs to you and only you. You do not have to worry about it being sold to any 3rd parties.

What is Precision Health?

Most medical treatments have been designed with the average patient in mind. This approach works for some patients, but not for others. We know each person is unique. Where we live, our genetic makeup, our family medical history and our lifestyle choices all contribute to our health and well-being. Precision health takes into account differences in people’s genes, environments and lifestyles and formulates treatment and prevention strategies based on patients’ unique backgrounds and conditions.

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Your DNA test kit will be delivered to you.

A DNA sample will be sent to our lab in the USA/Singapore. The result will be emailed to you.

Optional video call with specialists to go over results and prepare a personal care program.

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I was worried that the medication I was taking for my high cholesterol wasn't correct. Thanks to the medication effectiveness test kit, I was able to switch medication brands and my numbers have come down!
Jessy Widjaja
Jessy Widjaja
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My family has a history of diabetes and we wanted to make sure our daughter wasn't going to inherit any diseases or if she did that we would be ready to prevent it early on. Fortunately we were put at ease when she didn't have genetic markers for any chronic diseases!
Nico Santoso
Nico Santoso
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Now that i'm past the age of 30, i've begun to get concerned about my own health. I wanted to see if i've got any genetic risks in developing chronic diseases. After doing the disease susceptibility test, I discovered I had a small risk of developing lung cancer. With the help of IGAKU's genetic counsellors, i've decided to cut out smoking among other lifestyle changes.


Our competitors test covers a lot of different areas, but doesn’t cover any of them (except perhaps ancestry), in a very comprehensive nature. This severely limits the usefulness of their report. In contrast, the Health Assessment test kit by IGAKU is specifically focused on providing actionable recommendations related to nutrition, wellness and lifestyle, and is very comprehensive in covering those areas.

For example, in one of our competitor’s “Genetic Health Risk reports” is their test for Celiac disease. There are six gene variants that are typically used to identify risk of which they only tests for two of these variants, which means their kit will have a lot of false negatives. Our Health Assessment test kit looks at all six in determining Celiac risk and gluten sensitivity. 


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Our test kits have an accuracy of 99.7%. Results are tested in a CLIA certified lab with the highest standards for reporting on health related diseases.

Tests can take up to 1 month to process after which a report will be generated and sent to you via email or our mobile app.

It is strongly recommended that you consult with a genetic counsellor or trained medical professional to help you interpret your test results. You can consult with one of our practitioners by creating an account on our application today!

Yes you can speak to one of our highly trained doctors or genetic counsellors to help get input in creating a long term plan based on your own personal needs.