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Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is the most common cosmetic procedure performed in the United States. The goal of this surgery is to enlarge the size of the breasts. The results can lead to an improved proportion with the rest of the body, resolve any size differences, re-create volume loss from pregnancy or weight change, or even to just enhance the breasts. It has been well established that patients gain increased self confidence and quality of life if performed under the correct circumstances. Breast augmentation is frequently performed to treat congenital breast anomalies as well as breast reconstruction in patients with breast cancer.

There are several factors that influence the way breast augmentation is performed and is unique for every patient. During your consultation, Dr. Tsai will present you with all the possible options in detail and work with you to individualize treatment according to your specific goals and expectations to provide you with the best possible result.

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Recovery is short and patients usually return to work and normal daily activities within a few days. Patients return home the same day and pain is minimal, well tolerated with prescribed oral medication. Bandages are removed a few days after surgery and a specialty bra is worn for a few weeks. The breasts will feel tight initially and results may take several weeks for the tissue to stretch and implants to rest into its final position. Scars are thin and hide well. Exercise maybe resumed in approximately 4-6 weeks.


Breast Augmentation surgery is performed under general anesthesia (patient fully asleep) in the adjacent surgicenter and usually takes about an hour to complete. Options to consider that Dr. Tsai offers include:

Implant type: Currently there are only two available choices for implant fill, saline or silicone. It is important to note that the shell, or covering of the implant, are both made from silicone.

Saline Implants

Silicone Implants

Implant shape

There are two shapes available for use. Round or anatomic shaped.

A round shaped implant is the typical traditional breast implant. The vast majority of patients pick a round shaped implant. The maximal projection of the implant is centrally. These are also used for the patients that want the “augmented” look. This is ideal for patients who desire more volume without shape issues.

An anatomic implant (teardrop shaped) is best used in a subset of the population. The maximal projection is located in the lower half of the implant. The tapered upper half of the implant avoids excessive fullness in the upper breast. To maintain shape, implants are slightly more firm. This is ideal for patients with narrow breast width, thin, deficient upper breast tissue, who desire a larger volume.

Incision type

Different incision types can be used to place the breast implant. Whatever type you decide, the incision is a fine-line scar that is well hidden.




After an incision is made, a space needs to be created to place the implant, called the pocket. There are two pockets that can be created.


Dual plane

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